Living History

This past weekend I attended a reenactment of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Monmouth.  T is an American history buff who has recently gotten (back) into reeanacting and joined the 1st New Jersey Continentals.  I took a lot of pictures, but they were all on T’s camera and are viewable on his blog post.

I confess I had some reservations about the weekend.  I knew I would be tired and I am always nervous about that first instance of introducing a partner to a hobby – regardless of whether I am the hobbied partner or not.  Plus, what if I found a bunch of adults dressed in 18th century garb just plain silly?  Would I be able to be outwardly supportive while inwardly rolling my eyes?

It turns out I need not have worried.  The people in T’s regiment are a lovely lot and very welcoming, and I actually found a way in which I could see myself fitting into this hobby – namely, teaching. I have always loved living history “museums” – as a child I thought that (if only I were interested enough in American history) a job at Old Sturbridge Village would be ideal.

As we left the site on Sunday afternoon I remarked to T that I could see, in the future, investing in 1 (ONE) outfit.  I don’t think I’m on the road to becoming a dyed-in-the-wool reenactor whose life revolves around the hobby, but I think I would enjoy the acting/teaching aspect of it – interacting with the public, telling them about 18th century life in the colonies, and so forth. Plus, I like costumes.

So about 10 months from now I will be in the market for a dress-and-petticoat, a set of stays and a pair of period-enough eyeglass frames. Hey, I’m just following in the venerable family traditions of teaching and theatre!

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One Response to Living History

  1. Tim Abbott says:

    Period specs. I’ll get on it. Thanks for coming with me, dear. It was a marvelous weekend.

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